About PresentCollections

Regarding to Webster.com, present as “noun” means “gift”.

When it works as “verb”, means “to show”. As “adjective”, it presents “now existing”.

And by only adding “s” at the end, presents means gift or giving.

Because of its varieties in meaning, we did set up several meeting just to clarify about this and to conclude what it means and why it's a presentcollections.com.  We would like to create a place where people could share their ideas about how to present their gifts with a good surprise and positive meanings. A place fills with varieties of beautiful high quality gems and jewelries.

Our project manager, Mr.Ukit Tangsubkul, and his teams have been working hard to make this happen. Thank you very much for all effort and ideas you share with us here.

Whether it is to give the receiver a good surprise or to reflect the giver a bigger smile when seeing your beloved being happy. The world becomes a much nicer place when we know someone we love cares about us.

Hiranya Tangsubkul